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I’ve had a manic few weeks recently as I’ve been moving from Edinburgh to Dundee for a new job. My job began on the 2nd July but I didn’t move until the 9th, so lots of travelling between Edinburgh and Dundee and attempting to move all my stuff.
I’m starting to get into the swing of things now. I’ve finally got the internet in my new flat and I’m hoping to get started on some new photos and trying out some new dishes. In the meantime to try and encourage a summery feeling, here are some more photos from my Graded Unit.

This is just a standard Bruschetta recipe but I kept the tomatoes in fairly big chunks, mainly because I prefer to eat them like this, but it does also look slightly better for the photo! I don’t know how traditional it is to add garlic and balsamic vinegar, but they always manage to creep into any Bruschetta I make. I like to let it sit and marinade for a little white (about an hour if possible) to let the flavours develop.

The next photo is an ingredient shot. Because it wasn’t for a particular dish I could keep it very simple and play around with the composition. The idea was to make it look very fresh and vibrant, in keeping with the summer theme of these two shots.

I’ll keep uploading shots from my Graded Unit but I’m hoping now I’m settled and have my weekends again I’m going to get more time to cook interesting food, so there should be more photos and more regular updates.



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