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Paris Take 2

As discussed in my previous post I went on a trip to Paris. Which was nice. As well as our stock photography we also had an exhibition whilst we were out there so had to get a suitable photo during our stay. I didn’t want this to be a foody shot (might look at a bit out of place) so I set out to get something else! I’ve got the final one we decided upon for the exhibition here but I’ve also included a few different ones that I had narrowed it down to but that weren’t chosen in the end.

This is the one my tutors thought was most suitable and I was happy with that choice. This was taken from a canal in the Northern part of Paris, leading up to Parc de la Villette, where the Museum of Science and Industry is located. I stood around waiting until someone was in just the right position and then snapped away, probably looking slightly creepy hanging around under a bridge with my camera…

This sleepy man was in the Cour Carrée which is a courtyard right next to the Louvre. I felt a tad awkward trying to get a shot and was worried he’d wake up to some annoying tourist pointing a camera at him. Luckily he was deep in slumber and I managed to a few photos, this one being my favourite.

We were at Paris during parts of the French election so there were lots of posters of the various candidates. These included the fairly infamous Nicolas Sarkozy. This was initially a possible photo for the exhibition but was deemed too controversial for the relatively conservative college. It’s very rare that the things I do are controversial so that was a bit different! That aside I think it highlights a common feeling towards Sarkozy during the time of the election (even they have been rather extreme in their comparison).

Finally whilst on the Pont de l’Archevêché this happy couple came along with a bottle of champagne and a couple of glasses. I’ve no idea what they were celebrating but even I briefly battled through my cynicism and thought it was actually pretty sweet… For a few minutes anyway.  I normally hate taking photos of people in these situations as I’m pretty reserved and don’t like intruding, but they were obviously not the shy types since they were celebrating in such style in a tourist hot spot! I wandered over, took a couple of photos and they looked over and smiled, seemingly more than happy with the attention.


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Earlier this year I was lucky enough to go on a paid trip to Paris as part of my course! I was pretty chuffed. It was a really good experience, if slightly stressful (having your photos metaphorically ripped to pieces puts a bit of a dampener on things) but I appreciate it was to encourage us to keep getting better photos.

The trip was part of our ‘Stock’ photography module, so photos that would be suitable for a stock library. I predictably chose to do mine on food and drink in Paris. This may have actually been an excuse to go around stuffing my face but I did manage to get some photos I was happy with in the end.

Picking photos to submit for the module proved to be a bit tricky. I really liked some photos that were actually not very suitable for stock, and ones that I really wasn’t keen on ended up being suitable. I just had to get over my personal taste and think about what would be suitable for a stock library.

So here are some of the photos I took for food and drink in Paris! I’ll add some more (non foody ones) at a later date. I imagine you can’t bloody wait!

One of the days I found myself alone and I found a little Turkish place selling really nice flatbread wraps but I cannot remember where I was when I found it! (I spent a lot of time getting lost and just wandering around).


These few are from the Richard Lenoir Market near our hotel in the Bastille area of Paris. I think they are maybe slightly generic but they’re ok.


Our college was twinned with another one out in Paris and as well as teaching photography they also had a large kitchen for training patissiers. I spend a morning with my friend Katy watching some of the students whilst they were cooking and they were amazing. They also allowed us to have a little bite when they had spare bits of cake which made it a worthwhile morning in itself. These were taken during that morning.


And these are from the various food stalls that caught my eye!



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It’s December, so in my simple little mind that means it is officially Winter (seasons are strictly split into 3 month periods… obviously). As it’s December I thought I’d pop up a few Wintery photos that I’ve taken in the past and then left them to gather electronic dust in the depths of my hard drive.

Here is the Edinburgh German Market a few years ago. This years market has fairly recently appeared, so lots of pastries and mulled wine are in order!


These two are from a wander around Edinburgh when the snow was particularly heavy two years ago.

Digital Project 2


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