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Well, this one was very satisfying to make. And eat. I’ll be honest, I’d never even heard of this bread before seeing the recipe for it and as far as I can remember I hadn’t seen it in any bakeries before.  Since starting baking I have seen it mentioned quite a lot, probably because it’s relatively easy to make but the end result is usually really impressive. Not having eaten it before meant I had no idea what I was actually aiming  for. I just had a rough idea of the shape which I’d seen in pictures on the internet and in my books. I’ve still no idea if the texture of what I created was “correct”, but I can say it was pretty bloody tasty so I’m guessing it was. The recipe I used was exactly the same as this one here by Richard Bertinet.


If you’ve not really baked much bread before I would definitely recommend this one. I personally think it’s easier to make than a standard white loaf because you don’t really get a chance to over prove it, and it’s dead quick to cook because it’s a thin bread. On top of that, due to the fact they always tend to look good you’ll probably feel well proud of yourself (I know I did). That alone makes this a good confidence boosting bread to bake.


The one I made was obviously pretty plain, so whilst being tasty it was also effectively thin, crusty white bread. Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you just want something a bit more exciting. This style of bread lends itself naturally to having loads of tasty stuff just chucked into it. I’ve seen lots of recipes for this with olives, but I’m not a huge olive fan… Apart from olive oil – big fan of that. I think sun-dried tomato and parmesan would be very tasty, or red onion and pancetta. I’m definitely going to try both of them at some point in the future. I’m starting to experiment a bit more with bits in my bread so hopefully I’ll get some of them on here at some point.


Like most bread that just consists of the 4 main ingredients, this goes stale fairly quickly. So that means you either have to just eat it all straight away, which is always fun… Or you can freeze it. I’ve got into the habit of freezing loads of my bread. It keeps surprisingly well, and once defrosted I find it’s fine to eat straight away. You can always chuck it in the oven for 5 minutes after defrosting just to crisp it up a bit too.

So that’s Fougasse. It looks good, tastes good and is easy to make, so there is no excuse to not give this one a shot!


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Well, it feels like ages since I’ve blogged about anything! I didn’t mean to leave it quite so long without an update but I feel like I’ve had a particularly busy summer so far.

I headed back to my home town of Chesterfield to see my family and have my obligatory birthday barbecue. After that Kirsty and myself buggered off to Croatia for a week which was lovely. I took some holiday snaps and when I get round to sifting through them I’ll do a little blog post about my holiday. The photos aren’t the most exciting travel photos in the world but I think I’ve got a couple of alright shots whilst I was out there.

After that it was back to Edinburgh for a wedding, then all the way back to Chesterfield for another wedding! I’ve not had a weekend in my own flat for over a month, so I’m feel rather tired. However most of the summer frivolities seemed to have finished (or more specifically my money to fund these frivolities has finished) so I’ll get back onto documenting my bread baking!

During my time away I have actually done the odd bit of baking here and there which seemed to go quite well. For my birthday Kirsty treated me to a few baking bits and bobs, including “Dough” by Richard Bertinet which seems really good so far! Some quite interesting and fun recipes in there including “Bread Shots” which are basically little balls of bread stuffed with whatever you like!


Kirsty also got me a proving basket which I’ve only used a couple of times so far, but I already love it. It helps shape the bread (especially useful if it’s a fairly wet dough) so you generally get a nice boule shape, and some nice little ridges which are purely aesthetic, but I quite like.

Here is the basket and first loaf I tried – not perfect but a decent tasty loaf of bread.


During my time back in Chesterfield I also showed my Mum and Sister some of the basic recipes I’ve learnt over the last few months. It was really fun doing some baking with my family and they both say they’re going to give it a shot themselves. We made a basic white loaf and a focaccia, which is always a winner with people, it’s just so moreish.

IMG_20140804_133452 IMG_20140805_153731

So that’s what I’ve been up to baking wise over the last month and a bit. I’m always looking for bready inspiration so if anyone has any recipes they’d recommend I’m all ears. I’m going to start experimenting with some other flours over the next few months, and play around with adding more stuff to the bread. I’ve got a big delivery of various flours and some seeds on the way so fingers crossed there will be some spelt and rye bread gracing these pages before too long!


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