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It’s been about a year since I first started dabbling with baking bread and I feel like I’ve attempted a decent variety of breads in that time. The vast majority of stuff I bake doesn’t grace these pages as if I documented them all I’d never get round to eating them, and that would be a disaster.  As well as the usual white and brown loaves I make,  I’ve also had a pop at spelt and rye bread, often plain but occasionally with something else thrown in for luck.

One thing I’ve discovered is I bloody well love bread with bits in it, and this is a great example of that. It’s a mix of wholemeal and white flour and some of the liquid is milk which makes it softer and leads to a tighter, more even crumb (I think!). There’s also a dollop of honey thrown in there which adds a slight bit of sweetness, but not so much as to overpower it.

I was very happy with overall bake of these loaves. They had a really nice crust and my single score down the middle of the loaves worked really well. I tend to overproof bread and it goes a bit flat, but this had a great rise and inside it was nice and light.

walnut & honey

As I’ve been baking my own bread for a while I’ve become fairly blasé about the smell of bread baking in my oven (now there’s a wanky sentence I never thought I’d type out) but when these beauties were baking the smell was incredible. I think it was the mix of walnuts, wholemeal flour and honey that created a really comforting smell, perfect for these dark autumnal evenings. I imagine the closer towards winter we get the darker my breads are going to get – they just feel more appropriate for this time of year.

walnut & honey 2

Now I actually added slightly less walnuts than the recipe called for (again, a James Morton one) because there did seem to be quite a few – 200g in total. I decided to lower it to 100g, partly just in case I buggered it up and ended up with a burnt loaf and 200g of wanuts in the bin. Next time I make this I think I will up the walnut quantity, as it was occasionally difficult to spot them hiding in there. It’s really tasty toasted in the morning with some butter and I also used some for a cheese and chutney sandwich. Highly recommended!

walnut & honey 3


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